Global Commerce Contacts

Automotive, Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing
Mike Grundmann Director 404.962.4026
Ashley Varnum Sr. Project Manager 404.962.4072
Tony Greene Project Manager 404.962.4824
Logistics, Energy, Agribusiness & Food Team
Wylly Harrison Director 404.962.4179
Hank Evans Project Manager 404.962.4034
Alex Jones Project Manager 404.962.4023
Life Sciences, Corporate Solutions, Digital Entertainment and IT
Brittany Holtzclaw Director 404.962.4045
Sunny Anderson Project Manager 404.962.4054
Asante Bradford Project Manager 404.962.4056
Kevin Dodson Project Manager 404.962.4833
Randall Toussaint Sr. Project Manager 404.962.4925
Special Projects 
E. Jane Caraway Director 404.962.4014
International Projects Team
International companies new to North America who want to invest in the state can find support, partnership and resources through the International Investment Team and our International Representatives.
Nico Wijnberg Director 404.962.4834
Stella Xu Director for Greater China Region Initiatives 404.962.4081
Yoonie Kim Sr. Project Manager 404.962.4129
Joseph Huntemann Project Manager 404.962.4017
Jassy Ji Coordinator, Greater China Region Initiatives 404.962.4079
Existing Industry And Regional Recruitment (EIRR) Team
Existing Georgia companies who want to expand and grow can find on-the-ground support from this team of multi-industry experts located in each of Georgia's 12 regions.
Lindsay Martin Director 404.962.4823
Michelle Shaw Assistant Director, Region 11 678.640.4337
Taylor Kielty Project Manager, Region 1 678.387.7124
Tammy Caudell  Sr. Project Manager, Region 2 404.710.3581
Emily Poole Project Manager, Region 3 404.772.6794
Maggie Laton Project Manager, Region 4 404.205.9430
Daniel Dobbins Project Manager, Region 5 678.209.6060
Candice Scott Sr. Project Manager, Region 6 404.217.6695
Adela Kelley Sr. Project Manager, Region 7 678.640.4353
Anna Hurt Project Manager, Region 8 404.450.0588
Ryan Waldrep Project Manager, Region 9 404.877.8406
Tina Herring Sr. Project Manager, Region 10 404.804.5580
Alyce Thornhill Sr. Project Manager, Region 12 404.416.8094
Entrepreneur, Small Business
Communities, small enterprises and economic development partners can access dedicated resources, programs and partnership opportunities.
Ryan Waldrep Director 229.868.3428
Kimberly Knight Small Business Outreach Specialist 404.962.4831
Georgia Allies
To help drive its economic development marketing efforts, the state relies on this partnership between state government and private corporations to promote Georgia's business development efforts.
Rachelle Goldstein Director, Georgia Allies Events 404.962.4039
Charlie Gatlin Special Project Consultant 404.962.4008
Audrey Thompson Event Manager 404.962.4044