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Pro-Business Environment

Leaders in the best states for business make decisions that foster a skilled workforce, reliable infrastructure, low taxes and high state credit ratings. Georgia gives you all of these — and something more: consistency. Want proof? Check out the companies that planted roots here. And listen to the words of business leaders who came to Georgia – and stayed.

Georgia’s consistent ‘best state for business’ rankings prove our commitment

Site Selection magazine ranked Georgia “No. 1 for Business” six years running (2013-18). That’s based on an analysis of announced projects, the state’s tax climate and a thorough survey of site selection professionals.

Area Development magazine also named Georgia No. 1 for business – for five straight years (2014-18). And for each of those five years, the magazine also ranked Georgia No. 1 for Cooperative & Responsive State Government.

Area Development’s rankings reflect the views of industry experts across a dozen characteristics of business-friendly states. One of those is Cooperative and Responsive State Government. Area Development noted Georgia’s “longstanding reputation” in this category, citing “reasonable statutes, sound economic development policy and strong business development support.” 

What matters most about rankings is whether a state holds a high position in several categories over many years. Georgia’s done just that.

#1 State for Business
The state of fiscal strength

Business in Georgia begins with fiscal responsibility. Here’s what that looks like:

Low taxes: Georgia has a low 5.75% corporate tax rate effective January 2019. Before then, it was 6% - for half a century. Georgia also has single factor apportionment, with in-state sales being the only factor determining your state income tax liability.

High state credit ratings: Georgia is one of nine states with the highest credit marks. And for 21 consecutive years, Georgia has maintained the highest bond ratings from each of the Big Three – Moody’s, Fitch and Standard & Poor’s.

Fiscal discipline: In Georgia, a balanced state budget is required by law. Georgia also maintains one of the lowest debt-per-capita levels in the nation.

See the tax credits and tax exemptions that benefit your company.

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Successful companies take root in Georgia

Nine out of 10 Fortune 500 companies have operations in Georgia – and 17 of these have made Georgia their world headquarters.

Why they’re here – and why they stay – stems from both favorable business conditions and the many ways in which Georgia works to help companies grow.

“Georgia truly understands the requirements of doing business better than most other states. From the start, we appreciated and recognized the business-friendly community.” - James Williams, senior VP with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems

This caliber of Georgia’s support for business applies to mid-sized companies and small enterprises. See how the Georgia Department of Economic Development does this

Georgia keeps your people prepared

Talent is everything. That’s why our state created the nation’s highest-performing workforce training program: Georgia Quick Start. The program is a discretionary incentive and is available to qualified companies creating a critical mass of new jobs in Georgia that require the same training program.

Quick Start is:

  • Customized: Training is tailored to develop the skills your company needs most. That includes knowledge and abilities that emerge as technologies evolve.
  • Flexible: Courses are offered in classrooms, mobile labs or onsite at your company.
  • Proven: More than 1 million employees in Georgia have been trained by Quick Start.
  • No cost for qualified companies

Here’s what one manufacturer says about Georgia’s commitment to preparing employees for the changing work environment:

“Quick Start not only understood our needs, but worked with us to develop specific job aids and process-specific training to support our ongoing production operation. We see Quick Start as a primary benefit to those businesses like ours, who make the wise decision to place their operations in Georgia.”
— Kumho Tire

Beyond training your workforce, Georgia provides you with a broad and deep pool of talent. You’ll find it in the 95,000 graduates who emerge each year from our 85 colleges, technical colleges and universities across the state. And you’ll benefit from the steady influx of skilled professionals coming into our state, year after year.

Workers in a variety of fields
Once you call Georgia home, we’re all-in to help you grow.
What we do for you

Your business growth is good for Georgia’s growth. That’s why the team of experts in the Georgia Department of Economic Development will help you research and identify the best place to do business; share invaluable data; and connect you with the resources you need to seize opportunities and address challenges.

Learn all the ways we work to grow your business in Georgia 

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