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Rural Georgia Initiatives

The Rural Georgia Initiatives division helps communities become more competitive for economic development projects and identify new strategies for attracting jobs and investment. This division works diligently to advance these strategies, thereby improving the quality of life for those residing in Georgia’s rural communities.

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Amy Carter
Deputy Commissioner
Georgia's Rural Communities

From the state’s mountainous north to the agricultural center in the south, Georgia benefits from diverse rural communities with their own sets of opportunities and challenges. Created with the goal of connecting each of these communities to the state and federal resources available, the Rural Georgia Initiatives division aims to support each of these communities as they create winning strategies for economic development.

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"Promoting the growth and success of rural Georgia is essential to securing a more prosperous state for generations to come".
Former Governor Nathan Deal
Rural Economic Development Resources

The state’s pro-business economic development network includes many partners that have resources devoted to helping rural Georgia. A number of state departments provide rural communities resources to spur private job creation, develop downtowns, provide services to job seekers, protect and promote agriculture, and plan and maintain infrastructure.

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Rural Opportunities & Funding Resources

There are a number of financial resources that help communities prepare for economic development. From constructing new roads, parks and public buildings to critical infrastructure needs, several resources are available to help communities find the funding needed to enable growth. In addition, community and industry foundations provide assistance for projects and programs designed to improve the quality of life in rural Georgia as well as funding for social service organizations.

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Statewide Partners

Economic development is a team sport, and the Rural Georgia Initiatives division partners with many other statewide agencies to bring solutions to rural communities. Learn more about these partners and how they spur economic development.

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