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Expand a Business in Georgia

How we work for you

We understand that growth is critical to your continued success. That’s why we do everything we can to help companies that have Georgia locations expand.

To lead this effort, the Georgia Department of Economic Development has a project manager in each of the 12 regions across the state. These professionals are experts in how to grow your business in our state. As they serve your company, you’ll find them to be:

  • Consultative. Our team is proactive – they ask questions and identify solutions - and committed to  helping you figure out which resources and incentives will most benefit your company and its strategic goals.
  • Collaborative. We work closely with other agencies in state government, as well as local governments, chambers of commerce and utilities. These relationships keep us up to date on changing conditions and emerging opportunities.
  • Communicative. Our team doesn’t just point the way. We connect you with people to help you get things done - providing you with names, contact information, or a personal introduction.

Here To Help Grow Your Business

Want to learn more about growing your business in Georgia? Contact one of our project managers. (Companies in Georgia needing assistance: Contact Lindsay Martin)

Lindsay Martin Director  404.962.4823
Michelle Shaw Assistant Director | Region 11 678.640.4337
Taylor Kielty Project Manager | Region 1 678.387.7124
Tammy Caudell  Sr. Project Manager | Region 2 404.710.3581
Emily Poole Project Manager | Region 3 404.772.6794
Maggie Laton Project Manager | Region 4 404.205.9430
Daniel Dobbins Project Manager | Region 5 678.209.6060
Candice Scott Sr. Project Manager | Region 6 404.217.6695
Adela Kelley Sr. Project Manager | Region 7 678.640.4353
Anna Hurt Project Manager | Region 8 404.450.0588
Ryan Waldrep Project Manager | Region 9 404.877.8406
Tina Herring Sr. Project Manager | Region 10 404.804.5580
Mary Kathryn Griffin Project Manager | Region 12 404.491.3260


Grow Your Business With Georgia’s Helpgrow your business

How to grow your business is on the mind of every company leader. Good news: When you’re operating in Georgia – or looking to locate here – you’ve got our team to help.

Here are four ways our experts in the Georgia Department of Economic Development help companies in Georgia expand:

1. Selling your goods and services to overseas markets. Members of our international trade team work with companies in every region of the state to expand their global footprint. They’ll share market intelligence, help locate partners and customers in global markets, and provide a wealth of insights into the world of exporting.

Learn how we help Georgia businesses grow through exporting

Reward your business2. Rewarding growth with tax credits. Georgia offers many excellent tax credits and exemptions – so many, in fact, that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Our Georgia Department of Economic Development representatives are happy to identify which of these incentives are the best fit for growing your business.

Browse our tax credits

Browse our tax exemptions

3. Providing valuable information to guide decision making and growth. Our team will conduct research to help inform the location and expansion of your business. We’ll also connect you with the right utility partners to help you calculate expected costs of electricity, natural gas and water. And to help generate new business, we’ll share resources such as the Georgia Defense Exchange, which connects you to open defense contracts and potential partners.

expand your business4. Finding the best opportunities to expand your business. Not only the city or town, but the available space and facilities. Our interactive Site Selector gives you instant data on:

  • Communities – labor market information, drive times, other variables
  • Companies – search by industry for nearby suppliers, customers and industry peers
  • Sites explore pre-qualified industrial sites for which the due diligence has been completed prior to a company's visit; search based on your desire location in the state and range of acreage
  • Buildings – an inventory of what’s available, based on your needs (square footage, office vs. industrial, etc.)

In addition to providing this powerful tool, our team will introduce you to people at the local level who can provide more detailed information and advice. We’ll even help you tap into partners that can help optimize space and processes inside the building.

Regional Services Map


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