Georgia Electric Mobility and Innovation Alliance

The Georgia Electric Mobility and Innovation Alliance (EMIA), announced by Governor Brian Kemp in July 2021, is led by the Georgia Department of Economic Development and constitutes a statewide initiative between government, industries, electric utilities, nonprofits, and other relevant stakeholders. The partnership is focused on growing the electric mobility ecosystem in the state and strengthening Georgia’s position in electrification-related manufacturing and innovation.


EMIA’s mission is to support the growth of the entire electric mobility industry and foster innovation in the State of Georgia by creating a business-friendly environment for the industry and promoting favorable public policy. While this alliance has the long-term goal to bring new investments to Georgia, it also seeks to support the state’s existing industry throughout the ongoing transition of the automotive industry.

EMIA will build on the state’s existing assets and develop a multi-step approach that sets objectives for policy, infrastructure, workforce programs, supply chain attraction, and innovation. Each objective is essential for the development of an electric mobility ecosystem and will focus on creating a business-friendly climate that paves the way for investment and innovation.

Through this partnership, the State of Georgia aims to accelerate economic growth and directly engage stakeholders in the development and implementation of initiatives that support electric mobility and innovation.

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