Electric Mobility Infrastructure in Georgia

Access to efficient charging infrastructure has been identified as a key driver for electric vehicle adoption. EMIA has the goal to assess the existing EV infrastructure and provide suggestions for its future development. Focus areas include charging along interstates and highways as well as metro areas and rural regions. Additionally, the committee will recommend charging solutions for common destinations of vehicle drivers such as grocery stores, malls, hotels and touristic attractions.

OVER 430

DC-fast charging outlets

#1 IN EV

Auto registrations in the Southeast US

PEV sales
Nearly 45,000

total PEV sales (September 2020)

The state leads the Southeast for the number of EV registrations per 1,000 registered automobiles. With its 4.4 ratio of EV registrations, Georgia is the only state in the Southeast approaching the national average of 4.8.

Georgia’s number of publicly available EV charging stations is growing exponentially, continuing to meet accelerated demand. The state is committed to continuing to lead the Southeast in EV infrastructure development to further advance the growth of electric mobility across the state. To support the now over 30,000 EV drivers on the road in Georgia, the state has more than 1,300 publicly available EV charging stations, boasting more than 3,400 individual outlets. That number represents more electric charging stations or outlets per capita than anywhere else in the Southeast or Sunbelt, except California.

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