In recent years we have witnessed ongoing advancements in fields such as battery technology, flying vehicles, autonomous driving and unmanned aircraft systems – developments like these are driving the electric mobility industry. The goal of EMIA is to support Georgia in strengthening its position as a leading state for innovation. The alliance will identify ongoing research and development activities in the state of Georgia and work with all relevant stakeholders to determine potential needs. This way, Georgia can ensure to be on the forefront of the development of cutting-edge technologies and provide companies and researchers an ecosystem that fosters innovation.



Research and development, a key factor in the emerging electric mobility industry, has strong roots established in Georgia. In addition to the insights and opportunities created by GDEcD’s Center of Innovation, which serves the entire state, companies and universities in Georgia’s ecosystem are utilizing their own innovation centers to research a myriad of projects including: improving driving range, increasing recharging speeds, connectivity system enhancements, improving AI for better autonomous vehicles (AV), and adding nanotech materials into production, to name just a few.

Sample of Innovation Centers of Georgia
AT&T Drive Studio General Motors IT Innovation Center
Delta Airlines "The Hangar" Innovation Center Honeywell Connected Enterprise
Siemens Data Analytics and Applications Center Southern Company Energy Innovation Center
thyssenkrupp Elevator Americas Research Innovation Center